Brighten Your Rooms With Wall Home Decor

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Your home isn’t going to look complete without wall art. Empty walls make your home look incomplete, but the right wall decor is going to make your home look fabulous. Read on to learn about the different types of wall home decor you can buy for your home.

Modern living room with sofa and furnitureIf you want to make your rooms look bigger and maximize the amount of light in the room, wall mirrors are a great choice for your walls. Large mirrors reflect the light and make each room look brighter and bigger. Use them in dark areas of the room to brighten them up and in hallways to make the hallways feel longer.

Paintings and prints look good in any type of situation. Match the type of painting with the decor in your room. Abstract paintings go well with modern decor. Use abstracts that have splashes of color in them to brighten up neutral walls and neutral color schemes.

Photographs also work well in modern homes, especially if you stick with black and white photographs in sleek frames. Black and white photographs will give any home an artsy look. You can go with portraits or nature scenes. City scenes work well also.

If you have a vintage or traditional home, don’t use abstract art. Stick with portraits and pictures of flowers or nature. Frame the art in ornate frames. You can also create groupings of different paintings and create a gallery wall.


Traditional, industrial, and vintage homes will benefit from wall sconces on the wall. They add a lot of style to any home and you can wire them with electricity or use battery operated LED candles. Avoid using real candles unless you are in the room with them because they can be a fire risk. Wall sconces add a regal look to any home and they instantly uplift the room.

Metal wall decor gives your rooms a unique and interesting look. You can find wall decor in many types of styles, from ultra modern styles to vintage styles. Metal wall art comes in many different textures and you can also group it together. Metal wall art looks impressive and it is versatile so it fits in with any type of style.

If you love fabrics and want to display them, you might want to consider using tapestries in your home. Tapestries add a romantic touch to your home, but they won’t work in modern homes. They work especially well in Victorian, vintage, and traditional homes.

When you want wall art that you can easily change and that won’t damage your walls, look to wall stickers. They are easy to apply, easy to reposition, and easy to remove. Wall stickers won’t damage your walls and you can take them off and use them again on a different wall. They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Wall home decor is essential when you are decorating your home and you can use it in so many ways.


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